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By Fluff Editorial, February 19, 2018

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I wouldn’t say I am a firm believer in dreams


having the power to possess a deeper meaning. I don’t know if we are that important, or better yet, I like to think our dreams are surely not that important. I would say that I am more of a firm believer in having trouble in distinguishing what parts of my life are reality and what parts are from the dream realm. My theory is that dreams are just another plane of existence. So sometimes, for a trip, I prefer to sleep and go dreaming instead of being awake. I like to say hi to my other friends on the other side. Here is what my other life be like…




Everything was tiny and everything tiny was made up of more tiny details. Timotheé Chalamet was there. He asked me if I could write him letters and be his pen pal. I smiled at him and told him “maybe”. I was at my local shopping centre. I ordered a coffee. The barista kept trying to hold a conversation with me but I thought I was going to die if she kept talking to me any longer. I ran into the nearest bathroom. The bathroom was pink and plastic. I ran into a cubicle and there were tiny little clothes everywhere. Nighties and pants and tiny tops. I took them because I thought I would look nice in them even though they would never fit me in a million years. Someone was standing in the door way. They made me feel uneasy. Then I found myself in a car. There was a raccoon in there and it was kissing and holding my hands and fingers but then it attacked me because I think I had something it wanted. I turned around to the back seat. There were three boys sitting there. One of them was trying to convince me that I knew him and that he was my first kiss. He told me that years ago he wanted to come visit me at my holiday house but I said no. I didn’t remember any of this and he said “It’s ok you just didn’t love me”. I thought that was sad. I cried and put my head into my lap.




I was underwater. The sun was sparkling and flickering through. Shining on my hands. I had eleven fingers. Everything was silent. I was some kind of sea creature. Well, I was me but with gills. There were two people a little while away from me. I swam to them. I knew their faces. They were a few people I knew merged into two new people. I swam over the top of one of the girls heads. I dove down further and gave her a kiss. I floated back up to the surface of the water. What once was a vast opening of nothing and endless waves, was now cobblestone paths. Everyone was in a rush. I was soaking wet walking through the crowds on the stone road. Droplets of water were hitting the warm road. I found sand again somewhere along the way. I think I was in Italy. The beach didn’t have a name. I didn’t bother asking anyone where I was. I just knew that this place had no name.




I stood up way too fast. Everything was zooming and whooshing past me. My head felt like a tunnel going through a train. Whoops, I mean a train going through a tunnel. Everywhere I went in this dream was like I snapped my fingers and transported there just like I stood up too quickly. A big ouch. Thud. Vawoosh! I think I was in a car now. Then I was in my friends bed. A cute boy was next to me. Then it was dark. I saw some neon lights and I was eating tacos in the middle of a car yard. I went back underwater.




I looked up. I was swaying back and forth. Everything was a bit foggy. I soon realised that I was a cream being applied onto someone’s body. I was me in the form of a body cream. I felt pretty.




I had three tattoos. One on my lower right leg and two on my left arm near my elbow. My tattoos and I moved into a new house. The house was huge. It had peachy pink trimmings and detailing. The previous owner left all of her clothes and makeup in her room. She was old and had a lot of money. She didn’t need to take any of it with her to where she was going next. I jumped on her bed which was now my bed and I rolled around. I rolled out onto my balcony. Everything reminded me of 101 Dalmatians. There were vines growing up my balcony and all over the walls. I went walking. Someone asked if I had any tattoos. I told them I didn’t. They looked terribly confused because I clearly had three visible tattoos. I felt frightened. I kept looking at them and trying to desperately rub them off. They were stupid. I hated them. One of them had a misspelling and they looked like ugly cartoons from the 50s, almost. I was panicking because it all felt so real. I wanted nothing more than to wake up. I suddenly woke up. I thought I did finally wake but little did I know I was still dreaming. I was in another dream now. It was my best friend’s birthday. We were walking down a flight of stairs. A dark wooden stair case that lead into what seemed like a casino. It was dimly lit at the bottom of the stairs. Everyone kept walking down seamlessly. I kept walking too although the roof started to lower. It kept creeping down and I couldn’t stand because the roof was so low. I had to sit down and slide down into the room. I had a headache. Everyone was wearing see through pants. The birthday cake had six candles and one of them was broken.

Do you think dreams have a deeper meaning? Y/N?

Ps. Timotheé if you’re reading this. Can you be my pen pal on this plane of existence? Y/Y?

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